Cloud Duplicate Finder, Find Duplicates In Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box

Cloud Duplicate Finder (CDF) web application serves users of OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Box. The user privacy is always guaranteed as the CDF app never gains access to the actual contents of the data.


Select Cloud

Sign into Cloud Duplicate Finder and select the cloud service

Scan the cloud data

Scan the Data

Choose the target area and launch the scan

We'll do your work

Sit Back

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or check your social media while we do the hard work

Duplicate Files

Select the Duplicates

Select the criteria for retaining files

Sweep the Duplicates

Sweep the Duplicates

Finally, kill the duplicates completely or move them to a separate folder

Scan Process

Select Your Cloud Service

Supported Clouds: Google Drive, OneDrive (Personal and Business), Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Box

A Few Clicks Does It

Before starting your first scan for duplicate files and images, you need to link your Cloud drive to the CDF web-app

Choose Scan Type

Cut down on the scan time by selecting specific file type(s) or scan types such as Full Scan or Similar Photo Scan (for Google Drive and OneDrive only). SAVE TIME!

Make the Best Choice

After a scan is performed and you’ve reviewed the duplicate-items, choose between deleting duplicates and moving the duplicates to a folder of your choice (not applicable for Amazon S3 and Box)

Restore Deleted Items

Easily Restore Deleted Items from the Trash (except Google Drive and Amazon S3)


Deletes Duplicate Files - All Kinds!

CDF is a multi-purpose Duplicate Finder for Cloud. It allows you to load different cloud drives into the application's interface. It scans one Cloud account at a time. The method to scan folders/ files in Google Drive, Onedrive (including Onedrive Photos), Dropbox, and Box is same. In case of Amazon S3 Buckets, the CDF will allow you to add a new Bucket only after you remove the previously-added Bucket for duplicate files scanning.

Visually Same Photos Scan on the Cloud

Similar Photo Finder is an innovative duplicate photo scanning functionality. It will look for pictures, which are the same but not exact! It will check the pictures content instead of the size or hash. Currently, the duplicate image finder for Cloud will find visually similar images on Google Drive and OneDrive only.

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