Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

This page lays out the privacy policy we have in place for our most esteemed clientele who use Cloud Duplicate Finder. Please keep checking this page from time to time to stay abreast of any changes that might have been made which depict our working (and the subsequent addition/ modification of content on this page) to truly reflect the latest privacy policy.

We promise to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice while we're engrossed in our day-to-day activities related to all the technical aspects of Cloud Duplicate Finder, corresponding with any current/ prospective clients or drawing up our future plans.

Cookie Consent

Cloud Duplicate Finder uses cookies to collect information about how users interact with our website. This information helps us to improve our website and provide a better user experience.

We will only store cookies on your device after you have given us your explicit consent to do so. You can opt-in to cookie tracking by clicking the "Accept Cookies" button on our website banner. You can also opt-out of cookie tracking by adjusting your browser settings.

Data Retention and Deletion

Cloud Duplicate Finder collects and stores the following information about its users:

  • Metadata of the duplicate files in the Google Drive
  • Users information: email, name.

We do not store Google passwords or files on our servers.

We will retain your data for as long as your account is active or as long as necessary to provide you with the services you have requested. You can request to have your data deleted at any time by contacting our support team at

Please note that Cloud Duplicate Finder also automatically deletes old data periodically.

Safe & Secure Environment

This has got to be the single most critical aspect of it all. For every single user to trust us with their highly confidential data (be it of a personal or professional nature), there needs to be an absolute clear vision in their mind about us treating every bit of their data with as much respect and security as it ought to! And we understand it perfectly. We understand the huge responsibility that lies on our shoulders to provide an environment that incorporates watertight safety measures in its entirety.

We're here to assure you exactly of this. We've deployed the latest security tools that make it next to impossible for any adventurists (whether they belong to the team at Cloud Duplicate Finder or are those typical rogue elements), to sneak through our defenses. Look for the word Secure, the green padlock and the green bar before the URL in the address bar in your web browser. The green bar has become a mandatory requirement to certify that the concerning website has undergone a vigorous authentication process as part of the Extended Validation SSL Certification for web security purposes. This is ample evidence of the most sophisticated SSL certificates being employed on this website, which ensure this website is as safe as it should be. SSL certificates signal the encryption of information (when you enter your name, bank and credit card details on the register page) so that it can't be misused, as well as in-depth authentication so that your information is only transmitted to the server it was intended for, and not to any imposter who wants to cheat you. In short, SSL certificates are a hallmark of trust worldwide.

We have partnered with the world renowned Avangate to bring an absolutely safe and secure payments processing and handling mechanism for our esteemed customers. Avangate is a name with an impeccable track record for processing e-commerce payments over the Internet. The guaranteed safety mechanisms over their servers safely process countless transactions every single day to the extreme satisfaction of the buyer and the seller alike.

This might have gone a little too lengthy and technical for most of the readers on this page, but it was highly important we satisfy them to the fullest extent about the measures we've undertaken to safeguard every inch of the website which they will entrust their data with. In a nutshell, we've got all bases covered!

Also, we'd like to advise our readers here to use a super strong password for their email accounts as well as their Cloud Duplicate Finder account. This means the password should be at least 8 characters long and must contain alphabets (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. Please don't forget to logout of all public/ shared computer systems and never use the same password for more than 1 account at all times.

Collecting Information

Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd, and its web service, will not have access to the contents of your data in the cloud platforms.

We use Google Analytics and Facebook audience data to develop a more in-depth understanding about the behavior of the visitors who hit our site. Be advised! Facebook audience data collection might well be used to remarket our offers. If you want to opt out, you can either turn these ads off or employ very strict privacy settings to stop any kind of tracking activity at all. If you decide to subscribe to 1 of our plans, request any technical support, want to suggest any improvement or simply wish to take part in a survey, we might be needing certain information which includes (but isn't limited to) your full name, email address, your geographical location and your product registration key (in exceptional cases only).

Sorcim Technologies' app Cloud Duplicate Finder will ask you to enter your First Name, Last Name and provide an email address to register an account on the website. We keep your data secured. We will not share your data with any third-party.

Web Analytics

This is a highly critical component of running a website and analyzing the day-to-day traffic it attracts. Traffic landing on the website is tracked and thoroughly scrutinized to design effective strategies that aid in achieving business objectives.

Cloud Duplicate Finder makes use of Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Capture tool, a bundled solution provided by Google and Facebook. However, we promise to only track, store, compile and analyze information that is utterly non-personal in nature.

You can opt to block cookies from onto your computer/ laptop if you don't want us to track your activity.

Be advised that these cookies contain information that is ALWAYS strictly non-personal, and the basic purpose they serve is to help us determine the best possible services depending on the software & hardware capabilities of your computer system. However, if you still want to block them, you can easily check your browser's manual for a detailed guide on this issue.

Outbound Links

We might occasionally serve you with outbound links on this website which will transfer you to our partner third-party websites, products and services. We would like to explicitly state that we neither control the manner in which they gather your information, nor do we control any aspect of those websites, products or the services they offer. We cannot be held responsible for any eventuality that arises out of any action you perform as a consequence to any content, advertisement, promotional material or a call-to-action on that website.

You take sole responsibility for any consequences whatsoever that arise out of your dealing with any website that you land on upon clicking any outbound link on We highly suggest you refer to the privacy policy/ indulge in email correspondence with that particular website before performing any activity whatsoever on that website. NEVER ever download any file, disclose your personal and/ or banking information (including credit card and debit card details) to that website until you are absolutely sure of its integrity.


Your comments, suggestions, feedback, queries mean the world to us. They enlighten us on what we're doing that appeals to the customer and what (if any) changes we need to incorporate. We've always been very clear about the customer feedback being the guiding principle of our workings and we would like you to confidently take up this role!

If you have any queries/ comments/ suggestions in your mind with regards to our privacy policy, please feel free to email us at

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We include you in our advertising list and serve you the ads, using Google and Facebook advertising platforms. These ads are shown across the internet.

How third parties show the ads:

The third party, Google shows ads to Similar Audiences across the internet, gmail and Your past interaction, device-identifiers and engagement with our website would qualify you to be added into the Remarketing and Similar Audiences.

Opt out of use of cookies or device identifiers:

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