Terms of service

Terms of Service

The usage of Cloud Duplicate Finder (cloud duplicate scan services offered by the website and the content on the blog) will always be governed by a covenant of trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit between you (the user) and Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (the brain behind Cloud Duplicate Finder). This mutually beneficial relationship must adhere to the following principles, at all times:

Sorcim Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd uses official APIs provided by Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Box. This access is provided by these companies, which makes cloudduplicatefinder.com a safe service for users. Please keep in mind that as we are an API partner of Google, we have given our consent to the following:


The Trial User mode of Cloud Duplicate Finder is designed to act as a window that enables the user to develop a fair amount of understanding of the entire process. However, to unlock the full, unrestricted version of Cloud Duplicate Finder, you must subscribe to one of our membership plans.

Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd retains all copyrights, trademarks and all kinds of legal ownership of the Cloud Duplicate Finder website, the entire cloud duplicate scan functionality (and any subsequent actions to be performed) by the Cloud Duplicate Finder website as well as every bit of the content published on the blog of Cloud Duplicate Finder.

Cloud Duplicate Finder the website, the entire range of services provided by this website, any accompanying documentation, supporting videos as well as content in the form of articles (but not limited to) are only licensed to the user and not sold by any means whatsoever. Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd will, from time to time, roll out new functionality and/ or and various improvements to further enhance the portfolio of the services offered by Cloud Duplicate Finder. Agreeing to use these new features might mean conforming to the terms and conditions outlined in an entirely new/ partially modified Terms of Service in its entirety. Agreeing to this newer Terms of Service might also lead to a total overturn of the conditions outlined in the current Terms of Service.

The user promises to never, under any circumstances whatsoever, use their Cloud Duplicate Finder licensed account for either any commercial purpose or for scanning the potential duplicate content of any other individual. The product (Cloud Duplicate Finder) is licensed to the user on the express condition that the user will avail the service only for the user account the license is registered to. Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) reserves the unchallenged right to revoke the Cloud Duplicate Finder license of any user found involved in any of the malpractices strictly forbidden above and/ or under the fair usage policies applicable as per International, National or Local laws. Even though Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd will undertake maximum efforts at all times to ensure Cloud Duplicate Finder functions across multiple platforms as well as many operating systems as possible, there is a realistic possibility that some operating systems, operating system updates, antivirus solutions and/ or antivirus solution updates might prevent Cloud Duplicate Finder from performing at its optimized functioning levels. Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd cannot be held liable for any events that arise out as a direct/ indirect consequence of the eventualities mentioned in this clause.

The user promises to never attempt to transit or execute a file that contains a virus, spyware or any other form of malware that can cause potential harm directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever to the servers of Cloud Duplicate Finder.

Under no circumstances shall Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd shall ever be held liable for any loss (monetary or otherwise) and data corruption that arises as a consequence of events beyond the control of Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and/ or any virus/ spyware/ malware present on the user’s computer system and/ or the improper handling of Cloud Duplicate Finder and/ or due to overlooking the instructions provided in the support documentation and/ or any support emails.

The refund period is a flat 60 days for all subscription plans. Please note that the user will not be liable to get a refund under any circumstances once the refund period has expired. We would also like to state that there won’t be any refund period at all for users who are resubscribing to Cloud Duplicate Finder.

The user will be informed (via email as well as an in-house pop up in the Cloud Duplicate Finder interface) about their membership plan’s expiry 7 days before it runs out.

You can choose to have your subscription renewed automatically by selecting the relevant option at the time of subscribing to your favored membership plan. However, you can still alter this choice anytime during the entire duration of your membership plan (via the in-house pop up in the Cloud Duplicate Finder interface) as well as via the membership renewal intimation email which goes out to any member once they’re in the last 7 days of their plan.

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